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What To Get Your Brother For His Birthday This Year?

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I have a love-hate relationship with my brother, as do all siblings 😀 . I love him because he gifts me such great stuff as if he reads my mind, and hate him for doing the same as I am not that good at gifts. In the course of the past one year, I have done some extensive research on the kind of gifts my brother desires and have come up with this list of ten ideas. If you are confused about what to get your brother for his birthday you can surely use these ideas as well.

If you are not going to gift your brother on his birthday then he will think “It’s My Birthday” and no one is giving me presents, he will surely feel unloved.

what to get your brother for his birthday?Gifts To Get Your Brother’s Birthday

This cheat code basically lists out 10 great things I can gift him. The best part is, it is slightly open-ended allowing me to have room to breathe and not get caught up in a specific thing. So let’s begin —

1. Cool Watches / Smart Watches for Brother on his B’day

There are plenty of different, unusual wrist watches out there in the market, and as if the shops were not enough there are tons of good websites selling cool watches as well. Some places allow you to personalize, like put a birth date or a photo on it, etc.

My brother loves watches, so does most of them, making this a very good idea. Nowadays there is a huge range of new cool smart watches to choose from.

2. DIY Stuff – Perfect Birthday Gift for your Brother

A friend of mine attended a leather workshop and then she made a leather wallet for her brother. That was cool. In this idea, you can go expensive as well as an affordable.

There are lots of things available in the craft shop that you can put to use. Depending on your skills, you can come up with really good DIY items. Nothing better says you care about your brother as something you spent time making.

This birthday I am going to make a rustic looking wood watch box for my brother. Isn’t it a cool idea?

Plan an under the sea birthday party for your brother! Cool Idea? Read on!

3. Drink Wares/ Drinking Games – An Awesome Birthday Gift

If your brother has just reached his drinking age just get him something to do with drinking rather than buying him a drink. It could be drink-wares like beer mugs or personalized shot glasses or even some drinking games like a beer pong set.

Make sure you also give him the drink responsibly speech with it as well. It is essential!

4. Fitness Accessories – Good Birthday Gift for Guys

If your brother spends too much time with playing games or at a gym, this is an ideal choice as a birthday gift for your brother. Get him the new racket he always wanted for squash or a cool gym bag.

There is also an option various fitness bands and apparel; they come in a wide range of prices making it easy on your budget.

5. Geek Gadgets that Awe your Brother

I have never understood my brother’s craziness for any gadget the makes his laptop look good. You could buy him fancy gadgets appropriate to his computer. It could be anything like Ironman USB drives, funky looking Macbook stickers or e-writing pad to enhance his computer experience.

Apart from that, there are those geeky gadgets from star wars light sabers to new series of comic merchandise. There is so much to choose from, and the best part is there are new things every year.

6. Camera or Camera Accessories at its best

If your brother is a photographer, no need to look any further. There are so many cameras and accessories to gift him. There is an inexhaustible range of items in this category that you can gift like filters, tripods, lenses, etc., Of course what you give as gift depends on your budget.

7. Quadrocopter, Racing Cars as an Unique Birthday Gift

No brother will ever say no to a quadrocopter or a racing car. They just seem to love it. Well if someone gives me a quadrocopter I won’t leave it either.

It doesn’t matter how big your brother grows, the toys seem to grow bigger and better with him! Don’t you agree? :D.

8. Grooming Accessories for the Perfect Man

All brothers like to experiment with their mustaches and beards. Guys try different styles and poses that suit their way of life and personality!

So what could be better than getting them some state of the art grooming accessories and electric razors? To make it more interesting, if your brother’s birthday falls in December this is perfect after a no shave November.

9. His First Suit: Something to Remember Forever

Buy him a suit, it could well be his first. He will cherish that dress forever. Guys tend to be a bit choosy with what they wear. So you could in fact take him for a shopping spree.

Do not end up buying for yourself and make him carry your bags though! 😉

10. Music for his Soul

IS your brother into music? May be he plays an instrument or does listen to a lot of hard metal. How about buying him those Bose headphones or a superb 5.1 music system? It is indeed a great idea.

Gifting him a guitar can also be a great birthday surprise.

This list may have been made for your brother but you could well adopt it to find the best gift for your brother in law! Choose the gift you think is the best, deliver it the right way with a bit of surprise and you will make the day for your brother.




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