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Top 4 Under The Sea Birthday Party Ideas

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under the sea birthday party

Let the mighty ocean and amazing sea creatures be the inspiration for your next birthday party theme! Isn’t this an awesome idea? Obviously, it is! Arrange an under the sea birthday party to plan the best birthday ever!

Even celebrities like Kim Kardashian had recently planned an under the sea birthday party for her three-year-old daughter North West! The pictures will surely amaze you.

kim kardashian under the sea birthday party

How to Decorate for an Under the Sea Birthday Party

Under the sea themed birthday parties are an excellent way to get lost in the exquisite marine beauty and have a great time savoring delicious sea foods. The decorations, the costumes, and even the games amaze all the visitors in their uniqueness making it one of the best birthday celebrations.

under the sea birthday welcomeIn this article, I am going to talk about the various facets of an “under the sea” themed birthday party starting from the invitations, the decorations and costumes to the games and the food. Simply head on to the 4 sections and understand how this birthday party is going to the best in your life!


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Best Under the Sea Birthday Party Invitations

Invitations need to have an impact, more so when you want the party to stand out and remain in memory. Start right and invite your guests with unique presentations surprising and exciting them.

A proper invitation serves to purposes. First, if properly invited the chances of your valued guests not turning up reduces multiple times. Second, letting the guests know the theme of the party helps them plan outfits and presents in line with the theme, increasing the aura of the party!

If you have planned an “under the sea” themed birthday party, the invitation should hold a resemblance to the idea as well. There are quite a few awesome ways to let the guest know that they are going to be a part of a mermaid party or whatever the plan may be.

Presenting to you some awesome under the sea birthday party invitation ideas!

How about a small creature greeting you when you open the birthday invitation?

This simple DIY technique helps you make an invitation that is both unique and appealing.

  • Buy some cheap hand towels, cardboard boxes, small bath toys.
  • Hand write or print the invitation card.
  • Wrap the card in the hand towel in the form of a jacket.
  • Place the towel wrap inside the cardboard box with the bath toy over it.
  • Write your name over the box cover and you are done!

birthday invitations for under the sea themed partyYou can always buy the invitation cards from an online store or get them designed by a professional. Some sample printable invitation cards are given below.

Easy and Affordable Party Supplies & Decorations

The party decorations for an under the sea themed birthday is all about extravaganza and letting the party location into an underworld setting.

The vibrant sea colours along with the vibrant sea life, from the shells and fish to turtles and corals create an out of the world feeling for the guests.

You can always plan an awesome dolphin party, a mermaid cove party or even a scaring shark party! Your guests will surely find it interesting to be in one of these party themes.

Talking about the decoration efforts now! It is not that difficult to make the necessary arrangements for the decorations involved in an under the sea themed party. The party supplies are easily available online at multiple stores and in different options. Choose the colours that best go with the location setting and order the supplies.

Inflatable star for an under the sea birthday party
Inflatable Star Prop

You can find some awesome ideas for decorations at Kara’s birthday ideas blog. Check out the easily available packages and props for decorations below.

Under the Sea Party Costumes

Under the sea birthday party costumes are not about just dressing like a fish or a mermaid. There are a whole range of sea creature costume for adults and dress options that you can try out.

  1. King of the Sea: Why not dress up as the king of the sea in order to rule the party? Choose a king costume with dramatic cuffs, a long cloak, and a weird beard! Try the King Neptune costume given below from Amazon.
  2. Sponge bob: Think outside the box and choose this costume option as a popular woman cartoon character.
  3. Mermaid and fish options: You can always try out these options if you find them suitable. These costumes although common can be quite an attraction as well.
  4. Sailor costume: Be the sailor of the party and show the direction. Be the heartthrob!

These costumes given below from Amazon could be the perfect option for sure.

Games for Under the Sea Birthday Party

Under the sea birthday parties can be the host to some interesting party games including the minute to win it ideas! I have put forward some ideas which I find real interesting.

under the sea treasure hunt game

1. Treasure hunt under the sea: Get a small plastic pool and fill it up partially with sand. Scatter in the sand unique sea items like stars, polished rocks, coins, wrapped candy etc. Mix it well. Let the kids in the party dig through the sand to find their return gifts. The sense of earning it would make the kids enjoy the party even more.

2. Role play games: Divide the guests into two groups and ask them to enact a two-minute play on some sea theme. It could be involving a pirate or a troubled sailor in distant seas. You could also give play ideas to the groups in the form of message chits.  This could be a great idea to get all the people in the party involved!

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I hope that this article will help you plan an upcoming birthday party. If you found the ideas useful do give us a thumbs up by sharing on Facebook and Twitter!

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