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It’s My Birthday – 7 Superb Ideas to Celebrate

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Its my birthday

Birthdays- the day we geniuses came into the world must be celebrated well. As all fingers of a hand vary in length, so do people in life. You can definitely find a way to make your day special. Because self-love is the most important, it is extremely necessary for you to have a day for yourself when you can shelf all the cooped up worries. Let the “It’s my Birthday” feel prevail for some days to come!It's my birthday

7 Awesome Ideas to Celebrate My Birthday

If you are like me and have severe birthday blues a day before your birthday, these are the best things to do on your birthday! Make your birthday to-do list and follow it religiously! 😉

You can check out some the best

1. Solo trip – After all It’s My Birthday Dude!

solo trip its my birthdaySolo trips are the best thing for a person to do some soul searching, refresh and rejuvenate. It basically is like a pause button on your work and family life.It’s your time. Search for some fun places to go for your birthday on Google.

Go anywhere, whether for a day or for the weekend. Let your thoughts engulf you. People learn the best lessons when they travel solo. Confidence, friendships, love, and life lessons: you get them all on a solo trip.

2. Bucket List Item

birthday bucket listEveryone has a bucket list item. Things we would love to do before the end. Why wait for the end? Take a chance and pick any one of your bucket list items and complete it. Whether it is a crazy thing like getting your hair dyed in a weird colour, getting a tattoo, bungee jumping, going on a blind date. Just do it!

Life doesn’t wait for anyone, it simply passes. So complete at least one bucket list item. This is one of the best birthday celebration ideas; you will surely love it!

3. Family Time

birthday with familyMay be you are thinking It’s my birthday and I want to do something unique. Have you ever thought? We are so busy with our work, building our lives and being all grown up that we often forget that our parents are getting old. Take the day off and spend time with them, they are the reason you are here. Take the time and thank them, and reconnect and bond with them.

Along with your parents, you can also invite cousins and the extended family. Have a great time barbequing and talking, most importantly making fun!

4. Dance Night with Friends

birthday all night partyWorried about the best thing to do for your birthday? Take your girlfriends/guy friends and go clubbing, dancing with them all night. Party the night away and have a blast. Good music, great wine and friends is a head-spinning combination! Don’t you agree?

Holly from the movie P.s I love You, goes dancing with her best friends Sharon and Denise. They have a blast laughing together and making a fool of themselves. Trust me it is important sometimes!

Now you will say – Oh yes! I will surely do this ,because after all it’s My Birthday. 🙂

5. Go Shopping

go shopping on birthdayGo spend that paycheck on your favourite items this birthday. Shopping is healthy for the soul, especially for the women out there. Buy your favourite watch, bag, clothing item etc or something that you had desired for long.

If you would like to shop online, try out popular shopping websites like Amazon.com, eBay.com etc.

Don’t go bankrupt but don’t be a miser either. Birthdays are supposed to be special, why not splurge a little?


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6. Book a five-star hotel/villa

relax in a five star hotel on your birthdaySpend the day in a five-star hotel or villa, experience a luxurious day followed by a special birthday dinner. The best part of a hotel is their room service. Make good use of it. Have some finest tasting food in bed watching television all day. One of the best birthday gifts for men!

No work, no worries just yummy food and happiness.

7. Starry Night on your Birthday

star gazing on birthdayTake out your camping gear and go star gazing. Spend the night under the sky, and get lost in the wonders of our galaxy. The twinkling stars and the shiny moon are surely going to give you an out of the world feel making your birthday special.

It’s a perfect way to find peace in solace in our ever busy lives. It combines the fun of camping and the excitement of finding something new. Buy a book or download an application and you can probably spot some constellations.

Ask your partner to accompany you and it can be a romantic night combined.  Mother nature in all its brilliance and wonders!

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We are done with the 7 best ideas to celebrate your upcoming birthday. As an afterthought let me add the 3 more beautiful things that came to my mind when I was proofreading it the final time!

1. NGO Day

birthday with orphansMany times I thought that It’s my birthday and i should do something helpful to others, so i came to know about NGO Day. This could be the thing to do on your birthday alone if you like it that way.

Spending the day with kids or elderly is very satisfying. A child’s laughter and the smile on an elderly is going to remain with you forever. You will earn memories and blessings, which is a great thing to do on a birthday.

Take some chocolates for the children and watch them beam all day. If you get the opportunity to teach them something, you will be fascinated with the functioning of a child’s mind. Isn’t this an awesome idea?

2. Fondant Cake

special cake for your birthdayDesigner birthday cake

Get one of those perfect fondant cakes, which are delicious and reflect your personality, passions etc. Whether it is filled with miniature shopping bags which can be eaten or your favourite bike turned into an eatable cake.

Invite your friends and family over and celebrate the childhood way. A big cake, friends, family and food: The perfect way to celebrate.

A proper patisserie chef can do wonders with your cake, and it can have customized flavours and fillings.

On one of my birthday, I had gotten a chocolate cake with butterscotch nuts and chocolate chips topped with edible shopping bags of Louis Vuitton, Prada, and Chanel etc. It was the most delicious and pretty looking cake I have ever tasted. And it went with my shopaholic personality.

You can check out the best birthday cakes on amazon here.

3. Go to a Concert

go to a concert on your birthdayConcerts are great fun and a must visit once in life. Whether it is Tomorrowland for EDM lovers or a local rock concert, you are guaranteed to have a great time. Good music helps the soul. This could really be a fun thing to do on your birthday.




It’s My Birthday , What i should do ? , How i can make my birthday special ? I think after reading above article , these questions are no more in your mind.

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