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65 Perfect Happy Birthday Wishes and Videos Crafted With Love

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Happy Birthday Wishes

Birthdays need to be awesome! Birthdays are great when you get a lot of awesome wishes and messages. So, if you are searching for some awesome happy birthday wishes and quotes to help someone have a beautiful day, this is the right place for you!

You can also select wonderful birthday wish videos which are given towards the end of the article.

Read on, select the right message for the right person and enjoy!

Top Wishes to Wish Happy Birthday Man

Guys like awesome wishes from their loved ones on their birthday. Do not lose this opportunity, wish your man on his birthday and rejuvenate his love for you!birthday message for husband

Some awesome birthday wishes for your lover.

Let this birthday be the start for your new goals with renewed endeavor. Proceeding with confidence, may your achieve success in all its forms. Happy Birthday guy.

May your special day be filled with heaps of love, happiness and fun. Enjoy the beautiful day!

I pray to God that all your birthday wishes and dreams may come true.

I hope happiness, love and laughter fulfill your every day with the warmth of your loved ones. Have a superb birthday man.

All the best for your birthday, have a real blast with an awesome party. Happy birthday king!

How can I forget your support and boost in my hour of need? Thank you for being such a good friend, have the best birthday ever.Happy birthday hubby

I wish you all the best on your birthday. May all your dreams come true. Have an awesome day dude!

Another birthday is here! Are you sure you are growing old, cause you still look the same! Happy happy birthday from all of us to you.

You are the best friend in this world. On your birthday, I would like to thank you for all that you have done for me. Cheers.

Man, do you know you are growing more perfect every year? All the best for your future, happy birthday big guy.

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Happy Birthday Wishes for Brother

Wish your brother on his birthday with these beautiful lines. You can use these messages to wish happy birthday brother in law as well. The best brother birthday wishes.Birthday wishes for brother

Happy Birthday Brother Funny Wishes

I hope the president marked your birthday as a day off, a national holiday! I want to party with you all day. Isn’t that an awesome idea?

Don’t want to be reminded of your birthday? Sure, you are growing old. Anyways, do have a great day.

So many candles on your cake! I am keeping the fire department on hold. Happy birthday bro.

It is good to have birthdays. The people who have the most birthdays live the longest! Wish you enjoy infinite birthdays bro.

Do you remember your birthday parties as a kid? They were indeed fun. Relive those memories with an awesome celebration. Happy birthday!

I wish I could light the candles and be with you on this special day of the year. Have a great birthday little brother.

Happy Birthday Big Brother Wishes

Age is just a number. Stay young, stay fit. Happy birthday big brother.

May life surprise you with happiness and love. I wish you a very happy birthday with a lot of fond childhood memories to cherish forever.

I feel proud when I think of you as my brother! Stay this way, for many years to come. Wish all your dreams come true on your birthday.

Can I call you brogle? A brother who simplifies even what google can’t! Happy birthday my best brother.

Big brother, you have laid the footsteps I would like to follow! Be the inspiration you have always been. Have a beautiful day.

I would like to thank mom and day for gifting me such a support system as you. Happy birthday bro.

You are the wall which helps me stand tall. Happy birthday my best friend, my brother!

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Best Happy Birthday Gorgeous Wishes

How can you miss the birthday of the love of your life. Would she spare you if you do so? Hurry up, choose the best birthday wishes for your girlfriend and wish her with passion!

Happy Birthday The Lady of My Life

May the smile on your face never fade away. You are special and sure do you deserve a special celebration. Happy birthday to a wonderful woman.

Wish you have the most awesome birthday of your life with a lot of hugs and kisses. All the best gorgeous!

You deserve the best and nothing less. Wish you have a birthday party as awesome as you are. All the best!

Happy birthday from all of us. I hope all the nice things in this world come to you because you are a perfect woman yourself.

We met and fell in love. You are on of the few things that makes me love my life even more. Happy birthday to the most amazing woman in this world!

I wish you have a magical and awesome birthday with lots of love, happiness and gifts. My gift is on its way. Love you baby, happy birthday lady.

Happy birthday lovely! Please continue to be my drug as you have been always! Madly in love!

May you have the yummiest birthday ever! I know you are foodie, birthday girl.

Happy birthday to a beautiful lady who is the love of my life.happy birthday my love

Happy Birthday Darling with Loads of Love

It is a great day and I do have a wonderful birthday cake for you! Let the colors of life inspire you for many more years to come. Happy birthday darling!

It is so difficult to find a gift as perfect as you. On this birthday I give you my heart baby. Love you loads!

For me everyday is special on being able to share it with you. You are perfect for me girl, Happy birthday Darling.

Thank you for choosing me as your lover. We will have an awesome time not just today but an entire lifetime. Happy birthday my love.

Follow your dreams, I promise I will be there for you at every step. Head for the stars with love and hope in your heart. Have a beautiful day my love.

Here is me wishing us many more years of togetherness. These special occasions like your birthday make me love you even more!

Happy Birthday Sissy – 21 Awesome Wishes

Sisters form the perfect company both in times of joy and need. Emotional healers – is the name not perfect for sisters? On their birthdays, it is your moral responsibility to make them feel special.

Presenting to you the perfect 21 Wishes to wish your sister or sister in law on her birthday. Select special wishes and wish her with love and fervor!

The Best Sibling Happy Birthday Wishes

Destiny made us siblings, but we defeated it by becoming the best friends. Happy birthday to my awesome sister.

Unrevealed secrets, embarrassing moments,  meaningful silences……The list of things we share apart from our DNA and genes! Happy birthday dear.

I never needed to watch tutorials on YouTube cause I had the most intelligent sister on earth. Happy birthday my genius sister.

As a tiny toddler you were the cutest of the lot. As a grownup you are still an awesome sight. Stay the way you. Happy birthday my little sister.

I promise I will be there to irritate you in all your lonely times. Happy birthday sister from the most nagging brother!

We may not be perfect. But these imperfections make us the cute siblings that we are. Happy birthday sister!

I am really lucky I got you as my sister to stand by me in my hours of need. Happy birthday with loads of love.

I am sending a birthday cake for you. It is as perfect as my sister. Celebrate, cut the cake and party hard. Love you!

No matter how far we may stay, our childhood memories will always keep us attached. My dearest sister, stay the way you are. Happy birthday.

I wonder why the pharma companies doesn’t take a sample of your DNA, bottle it and sell it as the best emotional healer. Happy birthday my wonderful sister!

Happy birthday wishes for an elder sister from all of us. Have a wonderful day!

I still remember the innumerable times we fought over simple, silly things. Those fights were the best part of my childhood. Thanks sister, have a great birthday.

We may not be perfect. But these imperfections make us the cute siblings that we are. Happy birthday sister!Birthday cake for little sister

Birthday Wishes for Sister In Law

Are sisters God’s messengers for healing pain? Thanks for being there for me sissy. Wish you an awesome birthday.

Trendy wardrobes, easier breakups nicer schools and most importantly an easier life – Thanks for all this! You are an awesome sister to have. Happy birthday.

I think Forbes made a mistake with their billionaires list! I am obviously the richest with such a wonderful sister in law! Happy birthday dear, have a beautiful day.

Your vibrant colors make the kaleidoscope of my life beautiful. Happy birthday from all of us. Do send in your birthday pictures.

Dear sister, you are all that a lover or a best friend can never be. You are the person who fills the gaps in my life so delightfully. Happy birthday!

Your magical touch make my life perfect. Thank you for standing be me in my times of need, happy birthday my dearest sister in law.

You are always there to cheer me up when I am down. How can I miss your birthday dear? Happy birthday from all of us.

We may not be related by blood, but sure have you become the best sister cum friend. Happy birthday sister in law.

Happy birthday to an amazing woman, my sister, my friend and surely my enemy at times. Stay well!

Best Happy Birthday Video Wishes

Sharing these short yet beautiful video wishes on someone’s Facebook profile or email can be the perfect way to make him/her feel special.

I have here 5 different types of birthday message videos starting from songs, animations to sand art. Choose the one you like! Credit for the videos goes to the respective YouTube channels.

You can share the videos on Facebook, Twitter  and Google+ directly from the player and also use the embed code to use it on your email, website!

Wish You a Very Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday Song for Your Loved One

Sand Art Birthday Wish – An Awesome Idea

Happy Birthday My Love


I hope this article helped you in selecting  unique birthday wishes. If you liked this article, do consider sharing it on Facebook and Twitter, sharing is indeed caring!

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