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7 Fun Birthday Party Places, Including The Zoo [With INFOGRAPHIC]

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Birthday party at the zoo

Is your child’s birthday round the corner?  Arranging kids birthday parties can be a daunting task for a parent, especially if planned and organized at home.

Are you going crazy picking themes, or food and decoration? Outdoor party is surely the best idea for you. The decoration, food, drinks and the arrangement everything is taken care by the location staff.

You will surely enjoy the leisure and off-course the party!

No more running around the grocery or supply stores finding the dozen things on the list. Cleaning of the huge mess after party will not trouble you any longer. No more running around the house handling kids and entertaining them.

Presenting here the 7 best fun birthday party places for kids.

Good Places to have a Birthday Party

fun birthday party places for kids
birthday party places

These fun party locations and ideas will help you find the perfect place for your child. Most importantly you will have a “peace of mind” party!

1. Feed the Foodies – Best Indoor Party Places for Kids

Restaurants like Chuck e cheese, Cicis pizzas and Dominoes organize birthday parties for kids.

Find your kids local favorite restaurant and find out if they organize children parties. Cicis pizzas has branches in multiple locations, and offer unlimited pizzas in buffet. Outstanding option? Sure it is!

The pizzas range in various flavors, including chocolate pizza as well. Your child and his\her friends will surely have a great time enjoying the food and the various games they offer.

McDonald has happy meals with toys for children. Most restaurants have various packages and deals, and might also offer goodies to the children at the end of the day.

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2. Beam It Up – Fun Birthday Party Places for 10 Year Olds

Laser tag is fun filled game enjoyed by kids and adults equally and is hence a very good place to have a birthday party.In this game, everyone wears a jacket (known as the target) which has various lights on it, and has laser beam guns attached.

Now using various hurdles and protections, the gun is to be used to mock kill the other players.

When the other player is killed, their target lights turn off, symbolizing they are out of the game or have lost.

Various role playing can be done, or teams can be made, and the winner gets special gift. This is organized by the laser tag locations like Laserzone etc.

You can search for some relevant kids birthday party places near you. Laserzone organizes birthday parties for children and adults, and has various packages.

This can be a fun filled experience and after the kids are tired from all the running around, food can be organized in special party rooms etc.

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3. Zoom Into the Zoo Birthday Party

A party in the zoo or a wildlife sanctuary can be an interesting and learning experience. Ask your local zoo if they cater to parties.

Zoos offering such parties include ZooAmerica, Chattanooga Zoo etc. Do some google to find the nearest zoo that offers such facilities.

Zoo is one of the best places to throw a birthday party for a kid. The kids will be mesmerized seeing the animals in live action, whom they learn about in school.

The mesmerizing animals and their habitat, food habits can help them with their general aptitude as well.Zoos and wildlife parks have a lot to offer like animals, reptiles, birds, insects etc.

The zoos organizing the parties offer employees to help the kids around as well.An entire day of knowledge and wildlife would be a great birthday idea indeed!

4. Arty and Crafty – Toddler Birthday Party

If your kid is into arts and crafts, a day in the arts and crafts store  running around making interesting paintings/shapes would be a great idea.

This can be a good idea to have a toddler birthday party. Watch the toddlers have fun with colors.

Crafts supply stores offer birthday party packages. The kids will have a fun day painting pictures, and making interesting origami.

The stores set up the supplies and papers or canvases for the young mind offering some learning experiences. They take care of the kids as well.

No messy house after party, as it’s the stores responsibility to handle the mess and everything. Your kid will have an amazing artsy craftsy day.

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5. Icy Icy Day – Cheap Birthday Party Place for Kids

Kids have truckloads of fun at the ice skating rink, so a day at the rink would be a great idea. United Skates of America offer special birthday packages starting from $99, you can have a look here.

Kids skates and outfits could range in 5$-10$ per set, which would be a very budget friendly option as well.

After the kids tire out from skating all day, you can take them out to a food joint to end the party at a jolly mood.

6. Bowl That Ball – Action Filled Birthday Party

Bowling competition is a great idea for a birthday party. An entire day in the bowling alley can be a fun filled experience for the kids and the adults.

Bowl America or Lucky bowl have multiple alleys in the country, and offer special party areas.

Food and drinks will also be served. So it’s a complete party package. It can be fun for the entire family as you and the parents of the other children can join the celebration as well.

7. Theme Park Birthday Party – Roller Coaster Fun

Theme parks like 6 flags or Sea world etc, offer special birthday party options.

The staff takes care of the children around. Whether it is a water park or rides, kids will have stupendous fun in both.

Kids have unlimited energy and they can take rides and roller coasters rejuvenating with fun and frolic.  Again food and drinks would be provided.

What do kids want more than having fun in water, roller coasters and awesome foods and chocolates? It’s the perfect birthday celebration idea.

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7 Fun Birthday Party Places for Kids Infographic

All the 7 ideas presented in this blog has been depicted in the form of an infographic for your easy reading. You can share and download this image provided you give the credits to MyBirthdayTips.com for the same.

The embed code for the image is given underneath the image for easy sharing!

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