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7 Awesome Birthday Gifts for Men: Your Boyfriend, Your Lover!

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Gift for boyfriend

Boyfriend’s birthdays are an exciting affair, and women absolutely love planning, celebrating. I personally get more excited for my man’s birthday than my own. Planning begins months before and include a lot of fanfare. In this article I will be discussing some of the best birthday gifts for men -as per my extensive research on male psychology!

birthday gifts for men
gifts for my man

Men are simple and straightforward. Most men do not understand DIY’s gifts, so save yourself the hours and hours of hard work. Buy him something he would love and appreciate. I always try and get the gifts that he would appreciate the best for my man!

Try a rapid fire quizzing session as a part of a minute to win it game to know more about him! Find out his passions. Is he into bikes? What is his favorite sport? Does he like to drink? His favorite brand!

7 Awesome Birthday Gifts for Your Man

Unlike women, most men do not like experimenting a lot. If they like a brand, stick to it, it shows you know him and his choices well. These gifts are best suited for your boyfriends and is surely going to reignite your relationship!

1. Perfume – Perfect Gift for Men

gift your boyfriend a perfumeA cool sporty perfume or a musky smelling one: perfect for your man. He will definitely appreciate the gift. Find out your man’s favorite scent and you can be safe buying him the same. If you are in a mood for hunting the perfect one, go to your local mall, and start testing.

There are dozens of options available: Davidoff Cool Waters, Armani Code, Calvin Klein Obsession, and Versace Blue Jeans are some perfect recommendations.

Plus a good smelling man can make you weak in the knees, and it will be a treat for you as well.

2. Footwear – Your Boyfriend gonna Love this Gift

gift amazing shoes on birthdayA nice pair of footwear from his favorite brand is a great gift for your cute boyfriend. Especially if he has his eyes on one and is not buying it. Whether it’s a formal plain shoes or funky footwear like Jordans, find out what he likes and his comforts.

Ask your man to accompany you and spend the day shopping, there would be no chance of him not liking it. This obviously makes the task of picking one easier for you.

3. “Cake” in the Shape of Bike or Car

birthday cakes for menGet his favorite bike, car, camera or game etc turned into a fondant cake. He will love you for knowing him well and appreciating his choices. The fun of seeing a fun cake will be an extra thing he will cherish for a long time to come.

You can plan a party along with this and invite his friends and family over. Watch him go crazy over the cake. Try the online bakery stores or order it from a local chef baker!

This idea is also mentioned in another post ” It’s My Idea” on our website.

4. Alcohol according to his Preferences

best wine for boyfriendGet him the perfect bottle of rare scotch\ whisky or vintage wine depending on his preferences. He will go gaga over it and . Most men love hard liquor and alcohol does play a physical impact in the relationship. A great bottle of vintage Dom Perignon is also perfect gift if your guy loves champagne.

5. Fulfill a Fantasy

fulfill fantasies on birthdayFind out your man’s most coveted fantasy and try fulfilling it. He will love you for years to come for it, plus it will be fun for you too. Some play time in bed will be a great gift for your man. Don’t you agree to this horny idea? 😉

In the hit sitcom Friends, Rachel fulfills Ross’s Princess Leia fantasy. She dresses exactly like the character and mimics her too driving Ross crazy.

6. Make him the king

make your boyfriend feel like a kingWomen are usually more pampered in the relationship. Wish him “Happy birthday sexy man” by giving your guy a day of pampering. This kingly feeling will be a breath of fresh air for him. Obviously he will be taken by surprise at this change of behavior. It will surely be fun!

Cook for him his favorite meal, give him a massage, or take him out for a steak dinner. He will surely be in for surprise and will never forget how special you made his birthday.

7. Ball game

take your boyfriend out for a ball gameTake him out for his favorite game, whether its baseball, football or cricket. Guys love watching games and enjoying beer. Buy him his favorite or most wanted seats and he will totally appreciate it. Accompanying him to one will be even better, and will make him love you even more.

Other Recommended Birthday Gifts for Men

1. Watch

watch birthday gift for a manHappy birthday handsome! A classy watch is a great gift for your man. This will ensure he is always on time as well, a watch adds a lot to a man’s personality. Whether he likes crazy watches or simple straight one, a digital or a classic analog one, there are tons of options available and finding one for him won’t be difficult.

Remember, buy one according to his choices and personality, not your preferences. In the movie Sex and the City, Carrie Bradshaw gifts her husband a watch engraved with ‘Ever thine, ever mine, ever ours…’ It is a poem which has special significance in their lives, which is so romantic. You could arrange something of that sort as well!

2. Toys

best birthday gifts for menIf your man is into comic books and action figures like Sheldon from Big bang theory, find him the crazy action figure model or accessories he always wanted. He will go crazy for his new “toy” and will adore you for it.

Comic books and action figures are a fabulous gift for the child in him. This does not mean you will kid around with him all day! 😉

3. Cufflinks

birthday cufflinks for boyfriendCufflinks come in so many designs. My mom once gifted a airplane shaped cufflinks to my dad( he is a pilot), and dad was smiling all day. He uses them everyday ever since. You can also get them engraved with your name or something special. The engraving can be a name, or a date or anything which has significance for you two.

It could be like Blair Waldorf in gossip girl, you can gift him cute heart shaped cufflinks and it will be like he is wearing your heart on his sleeves. That is romantic like hell!

4. Happy Birthday Images

happy birthday handsomeIf you would like to send your boyfriend a birthday message, sending him unique happy birthday images can be a great idea!

You can find online some cute happy birthday images for him, and surprise him with your appeal. 😉 Find out some doodles to draw for your boyfriend and gift him your heart out in a painting!

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I am sure this list of exciting gifts for your boyfriend has been useful. If any of you friend has been in search of the perfect gift do consider sharing this article with her on Facebook and Twitter.

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