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10 Fun Minute To Win It Games – Superb Ideas

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minute to win it games

With Christmas and New Year around the corner, party planning is going in full swing. Can thereby be a party with no fun in it? Never! Party games come to the rescue. Minute to win it games rev up the tempo of the party, be it for birthday or Christmas!

While planning a family dinner on Christmas we thought of having a fun element which will keep everyone engaged until the food is ready to be served.

minute to win it gamesMinute to win it is a popular TV game show, in which contestants are given 60 seconds to complete a given task/game. The biggest advantage of these games is that they are short, simple and great fun. It doesn’t allow participants or the audience to get bored.

Planning a party with some awesome minute to win it games can be a great way to celebrate a birthday. Check out some cool ideas to surprise your boyfriend on his birthday!

Unlike board games like Monopoly or Life which go for an awfully long time, these games are over in a minute, and everyone can be involved multiple times. This article has the list of fun challenges that can be finished under a minute.

10 Best Minute to Win It Games for Christmas

If you are planning to host a party soon, need some fun minute party games and ideas, this article is for you!

1. Suck it

Suck it is one of the most famous minute games. All you would need is two plates, straws and some MnM’s or Skittles. Don’t be distracted by the tempting candy and focus on the game.

suck it up minute to win it gameTwo or more people can compete against each other. One plate is scattered with candies and the contestant has to use the straw, pick the candy by sucking it up thereby carrying it to another empty plate. The contestant who manages to move all the candies or the most number of it in 60 seconds is the winner.

Be prepared for some rib tickling laughter while watching the contestants in action: the funniest thing ever. They are going to goof it up and make the funniest memories.

2. Mad dog

This game mimics the actions of a dog. It’s super fun to watch and participate in. You will need two boxes of tic tac, a long ruler, and some tape. The rules are simple; tape the two boxes to the two ends of the ruler. Put the ruler in your mouth at the centre, use of hands is prohibited.

mad dog gameYou have to move your head vertically and empty the contents of the tic tac. The contestant who finishes it first within 60 seconds becomes the winner. This is a super hilarious game, especially when you watch people shake their heads like mad dogs. Super Funny! 😉

3. Marshmallow stuffing

This is a fun eating challenge and the rule is the simplest, stuff your mouth with as many marshmallows as possible in 60 seconds. The only thing needed is a timer and a packet of marshmallows. Watch people make hilarious faces while stuffing their mouth with marshmallows.

stuffing minute to win it gameThe contestant who eats the maximum number of marshmallows is the winner in this minute to win it challenge.

4. Gravity defying

You would need balloons for this game, and a large play area. Contestants are allowed to use only one hand and you have to prevent the two balloons (or three if you want to make it more challenging) from hitting the floor.

defying gravity minute to win itHolding the balloons is not allowed, you have to lightly tap it and keep it in air for 60 seconds. Whosoever manages to do this for 1 minute wins the game.

You can use different coloured balloons for different contestants and the number of players per round depends on the space available for playing. This could be the best minute to win it game for kids.

5. Colouring book challenge

Crayons and colouring books are the only things needed for this game. Bring out the child in everyone with this fun game. Colouring books are proven to have soothing effects on the brain and is recommended for all ages. And let’s be honest, who doesn’t like colouring?

colouring gameThe challenge is that each participant has to fill colours in the pictures and complete it in 60 seconds. Find pictures which are big and can be finished in a minute. The picture which is the most esthetic and clean with no colours over the edges wins this game. Simple, isn’t it?

6. Balloon in the middle

This game requires balloons and some great music. You can divide the game into rounds of one minute or only do one single round and decide the winner. Basically, the contestants have to balance the balloon between their bodies and prevent it from falling and also dance to the music.

balloon in the middle minute to win it gameIt can be a fun game, especially if it’s a couples only party. You can eliminate contestants after every round of 1 minute and finally decide a winner.

Put this game as a part of your boyfriend’s birthday party and have fun!

7. Rapid fire

The topics of a rapid fire round can vary a lot. It could be movies, news, sports, personal life or general knowledge. Basically, people have to answer the questions rapidly within sixty seconds.

rapid fire questions gameThis game is played in rounds, in which 2 contestants go against each other and the winner is the one with the most correct answers.

In the hit series Friends, the gang plays rapid fire on numerous topics about their personal lives and guess what the prize was! The lucky jackpot is Monica’s apartment. The game began as an argument between the guys and girls as to who knows the other better.

This minute to win it game could get real interesting!

8. Fruit ninja

This game tests your card throwing skills. You need a deck of fresh cards, and a half sliced watermelon propped up on a table. Now the contestants stand a few feet, ideally 10-12 feet away and have to aim the cards on the watermelon.

fruit ninja minute to win it gameThe winner is the player who can successfully stick the most amounts of cards on the watermelon in 1 minute.

9. Scoop up the cotton

Each contestant is blindfolded and a bowl is placed on the table. Scatter the cotton balls all around the bowl on the table. The contestants have to scoop the cotton balls using a spoon and collect it in the bowl.

scoop it up cotton gameIt might sound very easy, but it’s not, especially since you are blindfolded and cannot see the cotton balls.

10. Chopstick it up!

People have a very difficult time using chopsticks, especially if it’s not commonly used in your country. You can use marshmallows or MnMs for this game. The contestant has to use chopsticks to transfer the marshmallows from one bowl to another in 1 minute.

chopstick minute to win it gameThe one, who manages to transfer the highest number, wins. This game is easier with marshmallows. The smaller the object you use, the more difficult it gets to pick them up using chopsticks.

Boiled noodles can also be used to amp-up the challenge, but the catch is the noodles can only be transferred one at a time and not in clumps. This game is especially difficult if the people are like me and cannot even hold the chopsticks well.  😀 Good luck!

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