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10 Coolest 20th Birthday Ideas For Your Boyfriend

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surprise your boyfriend on his birthday

I have come up with a few personalized plans that will blow your boyfriend’s mind. Seriously! He will least expect these things from you. As a result your boyfriend will be surprised like hell and impressed like never before! Presenting to you the 10 coolest 20th birthday ideas for your boyfriend. 🙂

Surprise your boyfriend on his birthdayJust to ooze your interest more, remember this: when the guys get good surprises they plan better surprises, so it’s a win-win ;).

Awesome Ideas for 20th Birthday

These old yet proven strategies can boost your love life like nothing else. Read, understand the significance and implement like an expert!

1. Movie Marathon – Let The Movies Rule

Let’s face it who doesn’t love to be all cozy and watch movies and have fun all day. Collect your boyfriend’s favorite movies and here you go. Don’t hand him out the list so that with the start of each movie the excitement and surprise element keeps thriving.

A tip, put in a movie your boyfriend knows you don’t like and he will owe you much more in return (I know I am very cunning when it comes to it. :D).

2. Naughty Night At Its Best

Get to know your boyfriend’s innermost kinky side. If he has role play fantasies, get all the dresses and do it one after the other. If he has prop fantasies go with that. Mix and match all the naughtiness. Your boyfriend will definitely go crazy for you. (Tried and tested 😉 ).

3. Gamer Mania – Packed Gaming Sessions

If your boyfriend is into video games (if he is not ditch him fast :D) then this is a super surprise plan for you. Try to find the game he loves. For better planning, book a retro gaming place, invite close friends with similar taste, arrange for food and drinks and tadaaa- that’s his best party for the whole year.

4. Scavenger Hunt – Surprise 20th Birthday Idea

If your boyfriend loves puzzles and scavenger hunts, plan out the 20th birthday with all the clues spread over house or neighborhood or even the city, depending on how adventurous your boyfriend can be.

You can check out this Pinterest page on scavenger hunt to get some exciting ideas to plan and execute!

To keep fervor going, make sure there are small surprise gifts he gets along the clues in between. The best surprise gift would come to his hand with the whole puzzle being solved. The surprise gift could even be you waiting in a sexy attire! Sounds interesting?

5. Nostalgia Lane – Best Romantic Idea For His Birthday

If you have been in a longer relationship, there will be a lot of places that means a lot to you two or has fond memories attached to it. Plan out a day or evening going to the spots where you first met, first kissed, had your first date or dinner etc.

It could be a walk or a bus ride or anything that serves the meaning to your relationship. Nostalgia has a blossom to it, that will make the day memorable. You can add the previous plan of scavenger hunt and make the plan better as well.

6. Fancy Dinner – Food For Thoughts

Sometimes when there have been too many parties, it is a good idea to make the birthday celebration a bit simple. So book a quiet place for a nice dinner for just the two of you. You can always dedicate your boyfriend’s favorite songs being played during the dinner.

If you are bold enough, grab a guitar and sing for him while waiting for the cake to be served. Spell the charm of the evening!

7. Surprise Party With A Wall of Notes

I came up with this idea in a hurry, while I was planning a surprise party for my boyfriend. I contacted all of his friends, family and loved ones. Got each of them to write something about him. Made cardboard hearts to write all those messages.

I then arranged them all on a wall again in heart shape where I had booked the party. God, he was impressed as hell. Want to try the same? Sure, you do!

8. Make Him Feel At Home On His Birthday

This will take a bit of more work from you. Figure out what all kind of birthday celebration he had while he was a kid. Get the grandma’s recipe for his favorite sponge cake. Make his favorite food for dinner. Invite his family over.

Try and make him feel home. It is quite a beautiful surprise he will enjoy! Homely yet great idea for his 20th birthday

9. Couple’s Treat – Relax & Rejuvenate

Book a place for couple’s spa, massages or sauna. It is peaceful and relaxing. Additionally, you will end up talking for hours and you wouldn’t even realize. In this fast paced life, a surprise plan of relaxing and hanging out has two-fold advantages to it.

10. Prime Seats For A Game

We all have been there. Our boyfriend complaining that one day he will see his favorite team play on the prime seats. This birthday, surprise him with his dream. Get prime tickets of the game and team he loves.

Grab hot dogs, enjoy the game and the day will end with much excitement and happiness of a dream fulfilled for your boyfriend.


I hope some of the ideas were indeed exciting and worth a try for your boyfriend’s birthday. Please share this article with your friends, family on Facebook, Twitter and help them out!

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