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10 Adorable Birthday Gift Ideas for Your Girlfriend

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birthday gift for girlfriend

The smile on your lover’s face can brighten up your whole life. And birthdays are really important for most women. It feels the most special when her man remembers her birthday and even a small gesture will keep your girlfriend or wife smiling all day! Trust me! Presenting here the top 10 birthday gift ideas for girlfriend, the special lady in your life.

Birthday Gift Ideas for Girlfriend
Birthday Gifts for GF

Women don’t expect a grand gesture every time.  Anything her man does wholeheartedly can make her feel like a queen. Make her feel the best of life with these easy yet exquisite gifts.

Personalized Birthday Gifts for Her

Where to start? One of the most important things in a relationship for women is how well your partner knows you? A person’s likes and dislikes are very important, and if you pay attention, finding these things are not difficult.

Does your girlfriend like makeup? Does she like boots or heels? Is she into sports?

Gifting according to your girl’s choices and needs show that you have been paying attention to her looks, priorities and lifestyle. It shows that you have been paying attention to her when she talks about herself. This particular aspect, taken care of by these awesome girlfriend birthday gift ideas, can make your girl fall for you even more!

Recommended Birthday Gift Ideas for Girlfriend

What to get your girlfriend for her birthday? Let the phrase “Happy Birthday Lady” accompany some of her choicest items wrapped in love and fervor.

1. Flowers as Birthday Gift for GF

gift basket for women birthdayA bouquet with a special birthday message is perhaps one of the easiest and most affordable birthday gifts for her. The best part is that flowers come in all shapes, sizes, colours and variety. Whether you give her a single red rose or a bouquet of 100, your girlfriend will be happy nonetheless.

Find out her favourite flower- roses, orchids, lilies or peonies etc. I personally love orchids, and my man makes sure he gives me a bouquet of 10 orchids every birthday morning. I love waking up to the vibrant flowers and his smiling face. Want your girl to feel the same? Sure you do!


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 2. Make-up is another a perfect Birthday Gift

makeup gifts for girlfriendLet’s face it, most women love make-up. Pay attention to her vanity, and if she does love makeup, buying her the Makeup palette she has been crushing over for so long is sure going to make her happy.

You can never go wrong with palettes, a palette of eye shadows or a combo set of lipsticks, highlighters and shadows is a double whammy. It is the safest way if you don’t know what kind of makeup she likes.

Just visit a makeup store like Ulta, Walgreens, boots, Sephora etc which is near your location, and ask the expert for her recommendation of makeup palettes. You could also visit an online fashion store like  Amazon Makeup Store and choose the one your heart goes with.

Don’t be overwhelmed with the aisles of makeup; do some basic research and go with your gut feeling. Your lover will surely like your choice!

3. Handbags – Girlfriend’s Birthday Present

stylish handbag giftsHandbags or purses are a great gifting option for your lover. Whether your wife is a sportsperson, a formal businesswoman or a funky dancer; she will need a purse. Find the one which is suitable for your woman.

Whether it’s a Louis Vuitton or a purse from Forever 21, choose one of the fanciest purses based on your budget and overwhelm your girlfriend.


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 4. DIY Greeting Card

DIY greeting cardsYou can search the web for some easy yet beautiful DIY greeting card ideas and turn your thoughts into action! She is surely going to love the effort you put into a DIY greeting card for her birthday.

Pair it up with flowers or just hand over a simple card that says I love you. One of the best romantic gifts for her, this will impress your woman like nothing else.

You can find various tutorials and videos on some gorgeous DIY cards, which a simple and affordable and require little skill. Search for some cute doodles to draw for your girlfriend and put them down on paper with your personal touch.

Remember it’s not the perfection of the card but the love and effort that you put into it that is going to awe your girlfriend.

 5. A Jar of tiny Notes

Birthday quotes for girlfriendBirthday messages are the best and always make me emotional. Words have a power of touching the heart in a way nothing else can. A jar filled with handwritten messages is guaranteed to make your girlfriend all warm and fuzzy.

The jar can have themes like- 100 reasons I Love and adore you for, Read whenever you are low, One for every week of the year, Our best Memories together etc.

One for every week of the year will make her special until the next birthday which is a great option. A birthday gift for her for the entire year? Hell yeah!

 6. Romantic Dinner on Girlfriend’s Birthday

gift for your girlfriendThe most important thing a woman needs from her man is his time and attention. Take her out for a romantic candle-lit dinner and spend the night talking and drinking champagne. Getting a chance to connect and bond all over again is the best birthday gift for any couple!

Do make an advance booking so you don’t have to wait, and she will know you have planned the night well. Be a complete gentleman, and be chivalrous. You can probably head for a romantic drive afterwards.

 7. Couple’s spa

couple spa as a birthday giftA couple’s spa is a gift for you both. If you both have been having a hectic time at work, a spa day is guaranteed to relax and rejuvenate you both. It’s a great gift for the mind, body and soul.

8. Rare and different

four leaf clover birthday giftA four-leaf clover is a rare and lucky item. A great gift for her birthday could be a four-leaved clover in a storage bottle. Your girlfriend would love the gift and would flaunt it everywhere, as not many people can get their hands on such an item.

In Big bang theory, Leonard brings back a snowflake stored in its original form for Penny when he returns from his North Pole expedition. Your lover would definitely feel special and can save it for years to come, especially if you live in a region where it doesn’t snow.

 9. Perfume – Beautiful present for Girlfriend’s Birthday

perfume gift for your girlfriendA good smelling perfume can lift up a woman’s spirits to no end. And if it’s a Chanel no 5, it’s cherry on the cake!

Women love smelling good and Coco Chanel’s all time famous quote is- “Where should one use perfume? Everywhere one wants to be kissed.” Gift an exquisite perfume to your loved one with a special message and make her feel special.

10. Diamonds

birthday gifts for your loverThey say a diamond is a girl’s best friend. It is the ultimate gift for a woman. A diamond set or a ring, a rare diamond or a different coloured one, she will definitely love you for it.

In the famous movie Sex and the city 2, Mr. Big gifts Carrie Bradshaw a black diamond, and she adored him for it. It went with her personality and was different. Do you want your girl to feel something of that sort? If yes, go with it!

The gleam of a diamond will surely match the gleam in her eyes and she will love to return the favour! 😉

Now that you are done choosing the perfect gift for your girlfriend, do you know what you want for your own birthday? Let the “It’s my birthday” thought prevail as you read the 7 superb ideas for your own birthday!


I hope you liked this list of birthday gift ideas for your girlfriend. Do not think too much, choose one from the list and go with what your heart says!

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